Why e-learning needs a facelift

Why e-learning needs a facelift

This is from the VALBEC conference, 16/5/14 in Melbourne.

We are pleased to be able to share this, but would also be happy to start a conversation about e-learning.



There is light…..

While the idea of delving back into e-learning may seem futile, this concept of the path to productivity can be reassuring.

Look at the hype cycle and consider where you currently sit, and what may help you move forward.

hype cycle

Model of integration

As you think about integrating e-learning, it is handy to have a framework to think about implementation.
The SAMR model has plenty of limitations, but provides a simple overview of the increasing complexity of technology integration.

There are a variety of tools online that can get you started….

Creating multimedia
Students could use their own phones to create the YouTube. They could also post it to a blog.

Creating art/stories/cartoons
This is a website where students can create their own stories and add visuals.
Cartoons can be created with text and pictures.
This can create a visual representation of a larger text, to create word clouds.
Online games and activities to practice skills or raise awareness
Games for change, allows students to explore issues through a game based environment.
The Khan academy is mostly based around maths, it can support learning in a self-paced, self-managed program.
Connecting and collaborating

A Google doc allows a great number of functions for students to collaborate, share and support each other in the learning process.
Using social networking

Edmodo is a social networking site designed specifically for education, or Facebook is an option.