Model of integration

As you think about integrating e-learning, it is handy to have a framework to think about implementation.
The SAMR model has plenty of limitations, but provides a simple overview of the increasing complexity of technology integration.

There are a variety of tools online that can get you started….

Creating multimedia
Students could use their own phones to create the YouTube. They could also post it to a blog.

Creating art/stories/cartoons
This is a website where students can create their own stories and add visuals.
Cartoons can be created with text and pictures.
This can create a visual representation of a larger text, to create word clouds.
Online games and activities to practice skills or raise awareness
Games for change, allows students to explore issues through a game based environment.
The Khan academy is mostly based around maths, it can support learning in a self-paced, self-managed program.
Connecting and collaborating

A Google doc allows a great number of functions for students to collaborate, share and support each other in the learning process.
Using social networking

Edmodo is a social networking site designed specifically for education, or Facebook is an option.


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